Intro to Why FL Studio Is The Best DAW?

Have you ever wondered Why FL studio has always been included in top digital auto audio-rich station review sites, blogs, and YouTube reviews? So why it’s named always in comparison with other DAW. Let’s Discuss Why FL Studio Is The Best DAW?

Why FL Studio Is The Best DAW?
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1. Unique And Flexible Workflow

FL studio has been in the game for two decades and it’s workflow has improved a lot of the year by constantly Adding workflow relevant features in each update. It is the only digital audio rich station in the market that has a pattern block type of a workflow.
We programmed the note in chord pattern or layer sounds in the channel rack record it and edit audio in Addison and Newton. FL is also the only digital audio workstation in the market that allows you to have two different workflows.

2. Quick Startup Time

FL studio has argued the fastest startup time in a digital audio station. Since the program open opens up three to six seconds later after clicking compared to its other tough competitors which loads up a lot longer.

3. Good Aesthetics

We know this is kind of preference thing but look at how the interface looks and how smooth the transition are? Fl is kind of known to have a lot of eye candy in its interface which makes a false impression to others that it is not a professional tool for music production. They said it’s only for beginners and the worst thing is that they refer to it as a toy. But a lot of people engage to it especially millennials who just started out making music because of how modern looking the interface is which makes it a conducive environment in learning music production.


4. Internal & External Controls

One of the unique advantages of FL is you are aside from having flexible workflow is that you can do one thing in many ways. You can side chain compress, equalize layers sound and mix in more than one method and a cool thing is that you do not need to buy a dedicated mini controller undergo. Because image line development an android in iOS app which allows you to wirelessly control and make MIDI input in FL studio.

5. Piano Roll

Why FL Studio Is The Best DAW?
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Now I think a lot of producers will agree that the Apple’s piano is one of the best in the business. And now a days, a lot of digital work station can decently edit and randomise it’s existing MIDI and velocity. But FL studio and Cubase are only digital work station in the market that can create an advance chords and scale steps. So even with the absence of music theory knowledge, you can still create a banger in it, not to mention FL can create slide and ornamental without automation which makes it even more convenient for hip hop producers who works a lot. Now the next reason is the versatility.

6. Versatility

In my opinion, FL studio is the most versatile digital audio workstation in the market these days which is why I highly recommend it to those who want to start learning music production. It has everything you need from the ground up. From dynamic processing, plugins, time-based effects, book order, speech synthesis, pitch correction and all its native sense and samplers. New list to say you’ll have full access of FL studio’s most popular plugin name the sound goodizer which is one of the holy grails in music production after this day.

Through Fl, you can also function as an extension of another DAW by a rewire. So you can incorporate the strength of both platform in honing your craft. It allows you to share its plugin resources to other DAWs via mini host modular which is a free software that you can get in their website. And lastly FL studio is purpose is not only limited to music creation which is the primary purpose of a Doc. FL has this native plugin called the Z-game editor which allow you to create cool visual content for your music.

7. Community Support

One of the main reason by FL studio is a beginner friendly do is the amount of information content which you can find online. They continuously update the their server, and add new features. They also provide us new tutorial to learn music production. You can ask questions and they will ask online.

8. Great Bang For The Buck

Think about owning something for life that doesn’t depreciate. From at least 199 dollars for the producer edition. You can have FL studio 20 years of free updation. You can pass it on to your children after your grandchildren and it’s only gonna get better and better as time goes by. Since image line doesn’t feel to listen innovate and follow through the current music production trend. Now you know Why FL Studio Is The Best DAW?

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