Hey, guys welcome to musicallychords.com, and today we will do a challenging thing that is how to write song lyrics.

Making songs lyrics is a very important and basic thing for a singer, rapper, or composer. And we will be going to encourage you to write your first set of lyrics. Let’s discuss 5 helpful tips to write lyrics.

Let’s Learn How To Write Song Lyrics With Five Basic Tips

Tip 1. Consider Common Themes

So this is the practice of relating your real-life experience with common themes as a way to develop a more universal sound to your music.

How To Write Song Lyrics With Five Basic Tips -  Consider Common Themes
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So common themes include love, this could be love lost, unrequited love, and True love.

Another common theme would be “Coming of Age”. So personal growth, changes, self-exploration.
Consider listening to “Landslide song” by Fleetwood Mac, it has some really beautiful lyrics.

And the next we have Death includes Loss of a loved one, fear of the unknown, and The afterlife.

And the Rebellion including Teen Age Angst, Societal Expectations.
And the last thing that we would recommend you tap into would be Disillusion which includes Activism and Social Injustice.

Tip 2. Search For Stories

Now we are thinking of common themes, which brings us to tip number 2 that is Search For Stories.

So the inspiration for writing lyrics can come from a wide variety of different places. It could be your personal experiences but it could also be the experiences of friends and family. It could be something that you have taken from a film, a newspaper, virtually any kind of media.

So, always be looking for stories, you will find them in the interaction that you have with other people, in the movies, in the stories you read and there is so much material out there for you.

Tip 3. Study Rhyming Schemes

So far we are considering common themes, we are searching for stories and that brings us to tip number 3 that is Study Rhyming Schemes.

How To Write Song Lyrics With Five Basic Tips -  Study Rhyming Schemes
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So this is the method of mapping out the different rhyming words that you have at the end of each line in a song or poem.

The first rhyme is labeled A, the second B, the third C, so on and so forth. Let’s discuss an example of rhyming schemes.

So the first one is the most basic just A, A, A, A and the example that we are offering is “yesterday” by Paul McCartney. After checking, you will know the verse is very basic, all of those lines were a match. And you can try different patterns that are A, B, A, B.

Tip 4. Study Song Structures

So it’s very important to understand the different components that make up a song and also what the listener expects of those different sections. So we have four sections in a song that is:

Study Song Structure
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a) Verse Section: This section makes up the majority of the song. It’s gonna change throughout the tune and it’s also where you are going to be telling your story, building up your Characters, sets the context.

b) Chorus Section: This is where you are gonna be looking for your “hook”. It’s that part of the song that’s repeated over and over and over again. It should be something that is simple, universal, and something that really gets stuck in the listener’s ear.

c) Bridge Section: This is an optional section that usually happens somewhere around the 3/4 mark within the song. It should have its own unique chord progression and most importantly, its function is to renew the interest of your listener before you launch them into a solo or another chorus.

d) Coda Section: This is basically an outro. It usually a very simple line often taken from another part of the song and then repeat over and over again as the song fades out.

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Tip 5. Tell A Story

So a good lyricist knows how to convey, context and emotion without directly telling you what their character is feeling.

So for example in Paul McCartney’s Yesterday. The subject is obviously conveying a feeling of deep sadness. Maybe even a little bit of shame. The lyrics are just vague enough to be universally relatable and they are not so explicit that they are boring.

That’s probably one of the things that make “Yesterday” one of the most successful songs in pop music history. It’s super relatable and so easy to fit those lyrics into the context of almost anybody’s life.

Now, After cracking these basic tips to write song lyrics for yourself and become a lyricist, these all will help you to make successful song lyrics.

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