Setting up a drum set is sometimes difficult for beginners as they don’t know the correct position of every part of the drum set. The beginners usually use a 4-5 piece drum set but sometimes other musicians add more components to show their skills and to improve them. So let’s see how to setup a drum set.

The 3 main parts of the drums are:

Drums: There are basically three types of drums kick drum or bass drum, share drums, tom drums.

Cymbals: Cymbals are also of the types hi-hats, crash cymbal, and ride cymbal.

Hardware: It includes other posts that complete a drum set like drum pedal, the throne, cymbals stands, and other small items which completes a drum set

#1 Setting up a bass drum

The position of the bass drum must be in the center and it must have adjustable legs that anchor your drum otherwise it will move around while you are playing your favorite beat. The legs should be equal on both sides of the drum set which prevents your drum from sliding.

The Bass drum is sometimes attached to the loop of your kick drum and it should be adjusted like this that the beater must hit in the middle of your drum to produce the perfect sound. Make the tension of the pedal less tight to prevent leg pain and if the pedal doesn’t bounce back after striking check the tension it might be too loose and make it tight accordingly. This is the major part require to setup a drum set.

#2 Place your Snare drum

It is important to understand how to adjust your snare drum. First, you have to adjust your snare drum height. It should be set just a few inches above your leg and you can hit the drum with ease either with your hands. You must take care that the lever help the drum engage should be on the left side of the drum. It’s your wish to set your drum flat or slightly tilt. Traditional players use flat drums but it depends upon you and your drumming movements. You should set your drum in a manner that your snare with their-off.

#3 How to set Tom drums

the tom drums are necessary to setup a drum set
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There are two types of toms in most types of drum sets and they are floor tom and mounted tom. Set the tom roughly as the same height of your snare drum and the mounted tom can be set up slightly facing towards you. You can change the positions of toms to make it easier for you to play. You can turn the floor tom towards you if it is uncomfortable for you to play the drums. I prefer that you should angle the drums rather than setting them up flat as it may be easier and better for you to play both the toms.

#4 Setting up your Hi-Hat

First, attach the hi-hat symbols to the rod of the stand and secure them cymbal to the rod by using the clutch. It makes the Hi-Hat open and close to make the sound. Note-taking about the position so, the position of your Hi-Hat should be on the left of the snare drum and it is important to note that the height of the cymbal should be more than that of the snare drum. If it gets the same it will make it harder to hit the cymbals. Set the pedal in such a way that you can easily reach the pedal for hitting the cymbal.

#5 Arranging the Crash and Ride Cymbals

The ride cymbal should be placed just over your floor tom and set to your right. The Crash cymbal should be set up for tourists your left by making some space somewhere between the snare drum and mounted tom. Some professionals and also beginners use two crash Cymbals for better performance. If you are using a second cymbal then it will be placed between your floor tom and mounted tom. Just check that both your crash cymbals are placed some inches above the mounted tom depending upon what makes you more comfortable.

#6 Position of you drum throne

A drum throne is a seat or something on which you sir and play the drums. For better playability, your throne should be placed in its position from where you can reach each and every component of your drum set. By using this technique, your last efforts are required to play drums and more productivity will come out. It also prevents you from leg or hand injury.

The above-mentioned tutorial is for 4 or a 5 piece require to setup a drum set which is used by beginners. Your correct posture of sitting also matters while playing.

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