A music composer writes or composes the music that is to be played or performed by the musicians. The person writes classical music in any of the forms or he/she can write instrumental music; electronic music or a combination of multiple types of music. The music composer is highly skilled in the music field and knows how to write different forms of music. The composer of music writes or directs it and tells the correct method or way to make the best out of it. Music composers feel the song and write it by taking in mind the vibes of the song along with rhythm and melody.

To become a music composer, one should have patience, passion, talent and he/she must be full of hard work, perseverance, and be creative in their field. There are several ways of becoming a music composer. Firstly you should decide your field and the music you are interested in.

#1 Learning skills and practicing

The first main thing is you have to learn and understand how to read and write music from scratch and make it to another level. You must learn how to improvise music and participate in different concerts, bands, or any other musical performances. This will help you a lot in understanding music better. By attending or joining these programs you’ll get connected to music and get to know how all things work.

Along with this, you must learn some instruments that would help you to produce different sounds and effects, making your beat better. You can start with basic tutorials and create sample music by small apps or by listening to videos on which you can practice and become more perfect in your field. 

#2 Getting Higher Education and Degree

A professional composer requires higher education in music composition, songwriting film scoring. Some of the common subjects are music analysis, history, compositional techniques, conducting, and ear training for getting a degree. A highly skilled and graduated person gets higher opportunities and salaries. Music schools help in making your career great.

You can do a Bachelor’s degree or if you want to study higher skills you can do a master’s in composition. Based on your hard work and affection you will complete the course and will do more better in this field. Based on your skills and work you are sent to auditions in different schools or institutions. You just have to work hard, learn and understand things well.

There are several courses for the music field and some of them you can enroll in Bachelor of Arts(Music); Bachelor of Performing Arts(Music); Diploma in Fine Arts(Music); Diploma in Music. All these courses are best for music composing and one can pursue higher studies and a degree in any one of these.

#3 Getting Job and Setting career

Once you’ve completed your course and get the degree, you will be invited by some musicians or movie markets to compose music for them. The internship is another option for starting your career as a music composer and when people love your work you can go further. You can write and compose musical tones for TV shows, advertisements and you will be paid well for doing all these things based on your work. You can also get a job in a music company and you’ve been given different projects or different songs on which you will work. One can also compose music for the gaming company for their games.

Another option is that you can open your own music production company in which you can hire some employees and your company will produce and compose music for other companies or movies or television shows. This option is better if you want to work for yourself and making your brand name. When you have a good brand name, clients will approach you for their work and you will earn higher. Your career will befriend upon your passion and your work should be the best in town. Make your brand value like this that no one can compete against you. But focus on your quality and this should be seen in every project.

It’s not difficult to become a music composer but it requires very hard work and passion. The person should be connected to music and feel the musical vibes. A good composer will write music by understanding people’s feeling and their thoughts. He/she must know the requirements of their audience and make them happy. The music they compose should be great, heart-touching, and mind soothing based on the requirements.

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