Musicians are the one who lives for the music and wants people to live their moments. It is one the best way to express what one feels and helps the individuals to exhibit their insights into lyrics and vocals. Musicians have explored their boundaries for a long time and listeners are loving their work as they want their music to […]


Introduction to basic tips to learn guitar Cognitive science is taking a look at how people learn, how to study, and how people can use very specific techniques to learn faster. The results are surprising and even better, they are super helpful when people like us. The guitar players use them to learn the guitar. So today we will tell […]

How To Setup A Drum Set

Setting up a drum set is sometimes difficult for beginners as they don’t know the correct position of every part of the drum set. The beginners usually use a 4-5 piece drum set but sometimes other musicians add more components to show their skills and to improve them. So let’s see how to setup a drum set. The 3 main […]

Types of Percussions Instruments

Percussions instruments are those instruments that are used to form music and which are used in modern rocking and jazz pieces of music. These percussions produce sound by tapping or striking, on that instrument with another instrument and the instruments which are used in forming a section of band or orchestra. The instruments are used for adding more excitement to […]


Introduction to 5 Best MP3 Players Everyone loves to listen music and there is an own feel of listening music though mp3 player. So today we will discuss 5 best mp3 players of all time. SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player In the list of 5 best mp3 players, the first one is SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player. The […]

How To Write Song Lyrics With Five Basic Tips

Hey, guys welcome to musicallychords.com, and today we will do a challenging thing that is how to write song lyrics. Making songs lyrics is a very important and basic thing for a singer, rapper, or composer. And we will be going to encourage you to write your first set of lyrics. Let’s discuss 5 helpful tips to write lyrics. Let’s […]

Top 10 Guitarists of all Time

Hello everyone, Here I am back with a new amazing content Top 10 Guitarists of all Time. 1). Jimi Hendrix Jimi was an American guitarist and singer. He is cited as one of the greatest guitarists ever to live. All of Jimi Hendrix’s albums were successful. No one merged the blues, rock, and psychedelia with as much ease or wielded a […]

9 Different Types Of Guitar Explanations

Different Types Of Guitar Hey guys welcome to the musicallychords, As you know very well, the guitar is a cool and well-known musical instruments and today we are going to discuss all 9 different types of guitar that a guitarist should know. So let’s discuss one by one: 1. Acoustic Guitar In the list of 9 different types of guitar, […]

How to become a Music Composer

A music composer writes or composes the music that is to be played or performed by the musicians. The person writes classical music in any of the forms or he/she can write instrumental music; electronic music or a combination of multiple types of music. The music composer is highly skilled in the music field and knows how to write different […]