Musical instruments are many, but each varies from one another in terms of their skills and coordination. Numerous Instruments are being played in the present scenario and they add up to the level of the people’s life and their living. Learning instruments has no set boundaries or age limit, one can explore and set his figures on at any time. Nowadays, learning and playing an instrument has become a trend and talent that one can showcase in their personal and professional life irrespective of their field and qualification. Some of the 8 MOST POPULAR INSTRUMENTS that one can learn and enjoy are listed below:


The keyboard is one of the most popular musical instruments that are not only preferred in India but also internationally. Electric piano or keyboard is easy to maintain as their durability cost is low and looks impressive. These instruments are designed in a certain way that produces harmonize tones and sounds with minimum sound synthesis. Whereas, on the other hand talking about electric piano is a physiological and physical workout that soothes one’s mind, emotions, and perseverance. Both instruments help to enhance memory, concentration, fine motor skills, and build attention. For novices, it is a must-learn thing.


Bass guitar is the same as electric guitar and there are strings in this instrument. It has lengthened neck and is present with four and six strings with a wider scale diameter. It is moreover played with thumb and figures by slapping, tapping, stringing popping using a plectrum. This instrument is usually played in jazz fusion, jazz-funk, rock music. Playing and learning this is not that tough rather it is interesting to start with. The only thing to be kept in mind is to provide unique sound and pleasure that impacts positivity to the listeners.


This is one of the sexiest instruments to play and learn. It looks sole and most graceful to carry and It is a brass instrument and is a mouthpiece, though it looks easy to play but is a little tricky to learn but one who wants to learn it can do it very easily with a good trainer. It embraces your auditory skills and helps to identify different sounds and improves language proficiency. This type of instrument is also found in a large variety with 9 saxophones but only four are famous- Tenor, Alto, Soprano, and Baritone.



The flute is one of the oldest instruments that is been played for ages now. It is a woodwind instrument played with figures to produce different sounds and played as a mouthpiece. From ethnic to modern its colors of sound have never faded away. The uniqueness of this instrument is that is found in nickel- and silver-plated brass as well. The silver-plated brass flute is played to generate brighter and louder sound whereas the wooden flute produces dim sound. Whenever it is being played it not only relaxes the mind and refreshes our soul but also helps to build concentration and self-discipline.



Drums are quite old instruments that were available in different shapes and sizes. These instruments are cool to learn and display. Drums are those which produce sounds with help of vibration and a long membrane along with the head. Playing drums can help to lower the level of stress and calm down the insights of an individual. This involves a lot of coordination and teaches one how to interact because it is a very interactive instrument and tells how to manage timings with other drummers. Some of the drums can follow coordination while others cannot. So, learning it is complex but makes it manageable sooner and later

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Sitar is the oldest instrument played and learn by masses in the ancient era because it came into existence in early times. It is a long corded stringed instrument and is usually played in traditional, ethnic, and old classical songs which makes history anyways. Sitar was profoundly one of the most played instruments and still, people try and learn it to bring the older times into reality and to uplift the musical sounds produced by it. History is history because it has some beautiful memories of what is still remembered.VIOLIN

Violin is the smallest instrument of its own albeit family which generates high-quality sound. It can be played in different categories of music such as country, jazz, folk, and metal. The utmost quality of playing the violin is its posture and gesture, it needs balance, eye-hand coordination, self-control while being played. Good physical strength needs to be applied as it requires strong muscles to hold on for a prolonged period. Multi-tasking becomes easy for those who play the violin.


Cello is an ensemble bow stringed instrument which is very flexible but not feasible, though it has a very rich sound. It is affiliated with European classical music as they admire it a lot. Learning is easy for learners, but one needs an experienced player so that they can train well. If anyone has previous notes, they can learn easily from that as they can help the novice to check and recheck his/ her notes on the strings.

It is important to learn and go ahead with instruments because it is not played but is felt as it connects with the heart and reaches the other piece. Learning instruments showcase the talent of creativity, skills, confidence, coordination, balance, and mood changer.
Learn- play- repeat- feel- play again.

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