Introduction to basic tips to learn guitar

Cognitive science is taking a look at how people learn, how to study, and how people can use very specific techniques to learn faster. The results are surprising and even better, they are super helpful when people like us. The guitar players use them to learn the guitar. So today we will tell you 5 basic tips to learn guitar. that will help you to learn guitar faster.


I am sure, you have heard of the dozens of studies that prove how learning music is incredibly beneficial at enhancing areas of the brain and at improving the mind’s ability to critically think through more complex tasks. And it’s also been proven that even though some people keep studying guitar and thinking through their musical training.

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1. Chuck It Down

Let’s say one basic simplified rhythm pattern is gonna be easier than learning a more complex rhythm. It just makes sense to chunk information down into more manageable parts. And once the smaller pieces are there, you can learn how to put those chords, scales and arpeggios, and all the stuff together.

After a few weeks the accumulation of all small skills really adds up. You’ll not only learn with less stress but also you’ll learn a lot faster as well.


2. Write It Down(Pencil to Paper)

If you want to translate information to knowledge, a lot faster, research is now suggesting that you should be writing it down when you are learning by hand with a pen or a pencil.

How to Write Song Lyrics (with Pictures) - wikiHow

In fact, research founds that students who took notes on pen and paper learn more than students who type notes into their laptops. Over a large test group, the participants taking notes with pencil and paper were more adapt to remembering facts and sorting out complex ideas and you know, synthesizing the information better.
Researchers were saying that the physical act of going and touching pen to the paper going a slower pace creating a stronger cognitive link to the material than just by merely typing into a mere computer. Which happens too quickly for the retention to actually take place.

So writing is forcing you to confront the ideas head-on which causes them to stick with you over time much better. So instead of firing your favorite musical notation software, try grabbing a pencil and paper and write out your music and your core changes your tab for those next song parts on paper. And you are going to find that the recall of the music is much better and if you take that time to place pencil to paper then you will find your retention and your ability to perform it is even going to improve.

3. Your Attitude Defines Your Learning Experience

Being more positive and more optimistic helps you learn better and faster than stressing out, you know being all negative and carrying anxiety just reinforces being stuck mentally and it often feels like students with self-doubt and anxiety.

There’s an old saying if you say, you can do something or you say you can’t. When you say you can’t do something, it just precludes you from exploring real solutions and real thought patterns that would help you come up with the solution you need.

4. Use What You Know To Learn What You Don’t

When we’re learning new ideas, we are bound to encounter a topic that will have trouble wrapping our heads around. But to learn that topic faster, just try to understand how new topics will relate to something which you have already learned.

If you’re learning a new scale or maybe a new chord but you’re having difficulty keeping it in your memory and memorizing it. Try relating it to some other guitar pattern that you already know. This type of practice is actually called associative learning and on guitar, this works fantastic as far as so geometrical.

5. Teach Others


Research scientists have dubbed the ideas of teaching others. It happens when you take something that you have learned and put it into your own words and then you teach it to somebody else. So when you do this, you are not only demonstrating mastery over the top of the idea. You are refining your own understanding of it. Being part of this is about distilling information into clear ideas that someone else can easily understand. We hope you will get these 5 basic tips to learn guitar.

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