Movies are the integral part of everyone’s  source of entertainment which cannot be changed over a period of time , rather has enhanced with each passing day of our life. This has become an important means to keep us busy and at certain point to get some knowledge about the current trends of the society whether nationally or internationally. Music and movies are the parallel connections that moves hand in hand and missing out one can be really unhealthy for viewers to enjoy and to keep them happy. Some of the musician are listed below that have chosen some music films so far which has exceptional work done. They are :-

Anna Calvin

15 films of music chosen by musician

Anna Calvin grown up learning and listening to music , rather she studied music in southampton university and was brilliant in playing violin and guitar. She was even awarded in 2011 for her debut  album and later gave a wonderful music in a film Insurgent.

Walk the line

15 films of music chosen by musician

Walk the line was a drama by James Mangold in 2005 in his early career life film named johnny’s cash which have some timeless songs and still people are fond of listening them.


15 films of music chosen by musician

Amy was a wonderful documentary film of young girl with a raw talent and seen her growing up with number of crashes. This was out in 2005 but long time back , respectful songs and music was appreciated that was involved in this too. Watching this film will always allow one to sense the emotional singer and talented songwriter.

Hedwig and the angry inch

A drama film which came in 2001and was loved by auidence only because of music. It was a beautiful film that potray’s  Greek mythology of love and gender identity with a comedy touch but serious message.

The doors

Oliver stone had a fascinating moment in this film by bringing up the weird side of film with shameless sense of sexuality as a woman to exploit. After watching this film one almost seen them as been stoned rather would feel as a poetic artist.


2014 drama that was viewed by masses was about a music student who desire to be a great singer and sacrifice himself towards greatness. A beautiful conveyed story of relationship between music teacher and student who believes in them to make their future a better place to work.

The young ones

J.furie has gorgeously showed his pop music and its success in the theater which is still appealing the  public and are thrilling today as introduced when he was six- years old.

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Cracked actor

An entertaining documentary which came long time ago, but its song and music have always stolen hearts of many because it was so sharp and original that it can fascinate any singer or musician.


A story of a singer who loves music and was a dreary Britain. What fascinating songs, brilliant makeup frightening city. It was a deadly combination of divine decadence. Transformer was his loved musical album and still have the same impact.

The wrecking crew

An extraordinary , charming group of musicians of early 60s and 70s that had played every single instrument. Elysium ,2012 album had a record in pop music in capitol studio that people are crazy about.

Nadine shah

She had recorded some soulful music im his albums released in 2013- love your dumb and mad , holiday destinations -2018 , people were set on fire after her songs because it was just treat for the ears.

20000 days on earth

Nick cave documentary that taught people about music making as this film taught about true meaning about friendship and the unbreakable bond that people share. This was really thoughtful and beautiful to built such an insight.

What happened, miss Simone

Definitive film of an incredible woman that had no end or boundaries , who was obsessed and set out to convey her mother story so perfectly by giving a special perspective for feeling humble before her work and delivery of art.

Little voice

This films actually  nails the experience of the audience of wanting to perform with carry attitude, spark of being weird, not being encouraged along with a voice that can make people crazy about. Private dancer was an exception in her own voice.

Scott walker : 30 century man

Earlier nobody was aware about who Scott walker was but after watching his film his identity was formed as a wonderful artist for everyone. The drift, 2006 album of him was a lit in his own ways and was appreciated by annoy for being so good.

At the end , music is something that can help to express your emotions through a non verbal gesture and movies are the medium of understanding situations- real or unreal with a deeper sense of meaning and morals.

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